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Starting from the Royal Kingdom of Pudukottai at Nachandupatti to the Sivaganga districts the Chettinad region stretches roughly 80 square kilometers and comprised of 96 villages. Presently, owing to expansion of villages or in some cases shrinking population, the erstwhile 96 villages have now become 76 in number.

Rich in cultural heritage, cuisine, art and architecture the region is a must visit for every serious traveller.

Legend has it that displaced from Poompuhar, their port city on the Bay of Bengal around the 13th Century, the Chettiars moved to this dry and arid area in the deep south of Tamil Nadu that is now known as Chettinad. Little is known about the intervening period from then to about the 17th Century. But being an extremely successful and resourceful mercantile community, they steadily prospered.

By the 17th Century their ventures had led them, as far away as Calcutta and Banaras.

In the 18th & 19th Centuries, they followed the British overseas to their colonies in Burma, Malaysia, Singapore and Ceylon and even went as far as Vietnam and Indonesia. With their keen business instinct, they were fully involved in the economic development of these countries.

Over these years the Chettiars had amassed huge fortunes from their overseas ventures, starting from banking to huge plantations and commerce.

The Chettiars, known for their simple personal living, were more of longterm investors in every aspect. They prudently invested their earnings by building huge artistic palaces across Chettinad, using the solid burma teak, tall granite pillars, carved stone pillars and many facets of the western world.

This cluster of palatial homes on an astonishing size, scale and architecture, is one of it's kind - and that's Chettinad.

The Chettiars were huge Philanthropists and they had maintained a simple living even while they stayed in such palatial properties, while they never relucted in spending huge on building new Temples and on renovation and maintenance of the ancient Temples, that are over a 1000 years.

The Chettiars had not just built homes, they had invested on building a community. Every village was sufficient in it's water resources, with ponds and canals, that served good for their agricultural harvest and for the personal needs. The Chettiars built Temples, Schools, Educational institutions, Hospitals etc., in every Village, making their native grow in an overall perspective.

The rare investments of the Chettiars, in their Diamond and Gold jewelry, are precious possessions today. Their Silver ware, Brass and Copper utensils of mamoth sizes, speak of their rich tradition. The artistic enamel ware, the tasty Chettinad cuisine, the Chettinad snacks, the Chettinad sarees, their furniture, the Athangudi tiles, their utility woven Baskets etc., are a trend called as Chettinad today.

This officially unnamed land, has thus obtained it's name based on its own rich legacy, known as Chettinad - that ensembles Royalty and Heritage.

Explore Chettinad and Experience Royalty at Chettinad Heritage & Wellness Resorts at Nachandupatti, Pudukkottai District, Tamilnadu, India

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